The Project

A story to share for Pride 2017


The Phone Call

Thursday January 12... Puberty has started in BB. She will begin treatment with Lupron to stop testosterone being produced in her body.  I thought the injection fee was $300 each. Turns out, the monthly injection fee for BB's testosterone blockers is actually $500!! I've been waiting for a call from P at the Children's Hospital. She … Continue reading The Phone Call

BB and the Endocrine Clinic – Part III

January 10, 2017... Another trip to the Endocrine Clinic. Another hospital gown, another inspection of BB's testes. But this time is different. Dr. D advises that his examination shows puberty has begun inside of our youngest child. And it hits me. All these months of waiting, agonizing, holding our breath - and it is here. This moment … Continue reading BB and the Endocrine Clinic – Part III